They are focused with task of getting the customer to buy a certain product, maximizing merchandise highlighting product design, selection, packaging, pricing, and display that stimulates consumers to spend more.

Merchandiser Roles

A merchandiser is to remain up to date with latest overall planning and selling of product and services. Merchandisers must be capable in planning product range, stocks and sales strategies. Merchandisers are to remain in constant contact with buyers, analysts, suppliers and distributors as part of overall store management.

They are to update and maintain information and data to be made aware of current market situation. Merchandisers are required to work closely with graphic or visual team together with department heads to decide the manner at which goods & services are displayed to maximize sales. Stock levels are to be controlled based on season forecasts by the merchandiser.

They should be adaptable in using specialized computer software or application to handle sales statistics that enables sales projections to be produced. As part of their job scope, merchandisers are to analyse top selling goods and services and the reasons behind it, to be aware of competitor performance and gather information across customer feedback across the types of goods and services on sale.

Our Process

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