Usherette & Ambassador


These are normally girls tasked with drawing in customers to a certain area so as to maximize exposure with a product. Exmp: At a roadshow you would have usherettes strategically placed at entry points so as to invite customers to look at a brands products. They employ a pull factor of sales rather than the more standard push factor employed by a normal promoter.


Usually girls that are trusted, credible personalities to promote and give greater visibility to brand products. At the highest level of representing your brand we select a right mix of style and substance that allows us to accurately represent your Brand in the best light to the world.

Usherette Roles

Usherettes are expected to greet patrons upon their arrival at venues. It is compulsory for usherettes to provide a compelling guest service by guiding patrons towards basic needs such as directions to the bathrooms, concession stands or the exits.

As part of their scope, usherettes must be present and available to answer patron inquiries as well. Distribution of event schedules are essential parts of being an usherette. This includes explaining the upcoming itinerary for the day to keep the guests entertained. They act as assistance in ensuring patrons are safe and comfortable inclusive of providing a helpful hand for patrons with special needs. Most importantly, they are to make sure everyone follows proper rules and safety regulations.

As part of the customer service experience, usherettes are advised to hold the doors open as patrons are leaving the store. Usherettes are to be fully observant and focused in managing complaints from unhappy patrons while suggesting appropriate solutions for it. Usherettes are directly involved in ensuring the current mood among patrons are positive and happy at all times.

Product Ambassador Roles

Product ambassadors are required understand the vision, missions and objectives of the brand. They are to come with strategies to assist in raising brand awareness that can eventually produce healthy sales conversion. Product ambassadors are expected to promote goods and services using marketing campaigns that are connected and effective. This involves a close working relationship with sales and marketing team to incorporate effective marketing strategies.

Their goal should be to influence customers through educating them across product knowledge such as its benefits and functionalities. Product ambassadors must be capable in communicating the value associated with goods and services while understanding customer reviews. As a product ambassador, this person must be someone who can socialize without difficulties especially in showcasing the brand at event launches.

Most importantly, they are responsible in enhancing the levels of optimism and positivity relating to the brand to attract customer interest. If the opportunity presents itself, the product ambassador is to share experiences with the brand across various media outlets to gather a strong brand appeal among a bigger audience.

Our Process

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