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Bitz was founded in 2006 as a temporary staffing company with a niche expertise of providing leading Consumer Electronics Sales & Marketing Companies with man-power in the area of marketing. We have since grown to also serve Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and Fast-moving consumer healthcare (FMCH), both areas which are quickly growing due to high consumer demand and heavy brand competitiveness.

We have since come a long way as one of the leading man-power companies within Malaysia leading the industry in recruiting the finest temporary, contract and permanent talent available. Bitz Resources has established itself as a power player within the industry by establishing partnerships with the top companies in the AV line such as:

  • Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd
  • Philips Malaysia Sdn Bhd
  • Sharp Roxy Sales & Service Company (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Sony Malaysia Sdn Bhd

With over 200 employees available that currently work for us including full timers and part timers throughout various locations within Malaysia including the Klang Valley, Penang, Johor, the East Coast and East Malaysia; operating with well-known dealers and outlets in Malaysia such as Harvey Norman, SenQ, Hock Seng Leong (HSL), AEON, AEON Big, Tesco, Courts, Best Denki, Guardian, Watsons, Caring, we have a respected and formidable database of talent that we can pull our resources from.

We provide tailored talent suited to your unique business needs across various industries. We strongly believe that training and support will benefit our clients and promoters, wherever they operate around Malaysia. We provide valuable staffing reinforcements to clients in a growing number of specialised fields and are committed towards meeting the evolving challenges of the workforce environment.

Our management team and technical interviewers are tasked with the responsibility of pre-screening candidates to come up with a shortlist of the most qualified applicants who will then be endorsed to the Clients for interview and approval. We have a meticulous process that allows us to select the right candidates for the job.

Our focus is mainly by providing full time and part time man-power; we can help companies in their business development by raising their productivity through improved strategy, quality, efficiency, and cost reduction across the total workforce, enabling our clients to concentrate on their core business activity.

We operate with the sincerest belief in our company philosophy, we invest in people. By investing in the right kind of employees for your company needs we can help our clients in expanding their market presence and achieving all their targets and goals through the strategic deployment of the best-suited employees for your needs.

Bitz has an established background of operating our company with the greatest levels of integrity. Our strong commitment to responsible business practices is reflected in everything we do. Conducting business in an ethical and responsible manner is a key reason we have so many established and long lasting partnerships with big clients throughout Malaysia.

We strive to select the best candidates and experts in our client’s fields. We keep ourselves up to date with the latest industry changes so as offer our clients the best possible solutions and give them advice that is second to none.

Bitz prides ourselves in recruiting responsibly, honestly and ethically. We do not promote any candidate who are unsuitable to our clients and we do not exploit the workers we place with our clients.

Our clients are precious to us and we value the development of long-term client relationships. From SMEs to MNCs, we aim to be the recruitment partner of choice for the present and into the future.


Our Dedicated Team

Handpicked with the intention of creating a warmer, personal, and individual approach to personnel recruitment we envisage a dynamic and people-centric management that would produce successful matches for our clients and candidates. Bitz delivers genuine service making recruitment that is uniquely designed for all concerned. We take customized approaches to employment from supplying a single permanent or contract hire to recruiting a whole team of temporary staff, we provide comprehensive recruiting solutions to our clients who benefit from a dedicated team of consultants in making successful career matches. Our team's approach and commitment in taking care of client and candidate needs makes us unique in what we do.

Anson Seah

Managing Director

Starting Bitz Resources Enterprise in 2006 after having spent a decade as a Product Consultant in the AV line, Anson Seah has matured along with the industry that he has inhabited since the beginning of his career. Graduating from Sheffield University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Systems Engineering in 2007, with his vast work experience in the AV line coupled with his fiery drive for success Anson pushed Bitz Resources to the powerhouse recruitment agency that it is today. Anson’s beliefs permeates through Bitz, he believes that Bitz is in a unique niche market, where the focus is on areas that other companies might overlook.

Anson personal philosophy and company philosophy are one and the same:
“Where Passion Meets Opportunity.”

Allen Seah

Financial Director

Bringing fiscal responsibility and financial savvy to Bitz, Allen graduated from TAR College in 2007 as a Quantity Surveyor, working with the company from its very formation and played an important hand in building it up what it is today. His mandate has been in ensuring the company generates more revenue by developing strategic insights about clients’ needs and goals, elevating and broadening mutually beneficial relationships and measuring contribution to clients business. Allen is responsible with upholding strong financial management and accountability while providing timely, accurate, and reliable financial information and enhancing internal control.

Allen’s belief lies in the foundation “A clients success is tied with our own and we have the responsibility to ensure both.”

Andy Ng

Marketing Manager

With over 20 years of experience in retail for Electrical Goods in HSL Electrical and Electronics, Andy is at the forefront of our marketing endeavours and is responsible for building relationships with key clients and developing business. His mandate for Bitz is ensuring total client satisfaction, from levels of service to the key deliverables to continue building long term relationships with clients. Andy believes demonstrating our commitment to innovation requires us to continuously capture creativity in local markets and replicate this around Malaysia. Andy’s role is to develop and expand our capabilities, while creating services targeted to what Andy call’s“what’s new and what’s next in the manpower business.”

Jenni Chung

Business Development Manager

With a background in working for key leaders of the AV/HA industry such as Panasonic Malaysia, Jen Ni has been a key asset in growing and expanding the business. She spears the thought leadership in the recruitment agency field by continuously anticipating future dynamics of the market and contributing to the design of social and employment systems on a local basis. This allows Bitz to be ahead of the curve and serve their clients with leading industry services and products that are able to increase their efficiency and improve their results. Jen Ni brings so much more to the company than her business acumen, her focus for Bitz to develop the company with the right people. Her key belief is “Good business is done with having good people.”

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