Product Consultants

These account for both part time and full time promoters.

A product consultant is an expert on the product or brand they are promoting, they are able to provide product information easily and offer pre-sales and post-sales services.

Product Consultant Roles

Product consultant is required to demonstrate and provide information on products / services that are promoted for the customers. The goal would be to create a positive image among consumers that encourages them to use the types of goods and services. Main scopes include distribution of product samples, brochures and flyers as part of creating future sales opportunities.

Product consultants must take note across consumer interests, needs and requirements before providing an effective solution. As part of teamwork, product consultants are expected to assist in setting up booths and promotional stands together with stocking up products. Most importantly, product consultants are to observe and analyse demonstration of products and services during sales inclusive of information provided before providing a report that can suggest effective improvements in sales delivery.

Product consultants should be able to maintain strong relationships with clients or customers to attract prospective sales especially during promotional periods. Part of this includes being a patient and good listener to a customer so proper suggestions or solutions can be to enhance the customer experience.

Our Process

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